Plan a Week in California and We'll Try Hella Hard to Guess Your Age Correctly

Yep, that's right, the CA plans you choose will definitely tell us about your age.

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Aug 2, 2021

Day 1: What are you most excited to see?

Day 2: You're starting off in Southern California... Where do you go first?

Day 3: One more day in SoCal! How are you spending your time?

Day 4: Time to road trip up 101... Where's your first pitstop?

Day 5: You're in San Francisco, where are you going first?

Day 6: Heading up North today... What do you want to see most?

Day 7: Last day in CA... What are you going to miss most?

Between 18-29 years old

Between 18-29 years old

Based on your answers, we truly feel this is your age. Young, spunky and fresh. You'd likely go on a trip to California with your favorite friends and definitely hit up Disneyland while you're there. The beaches are a must while eating some delicious food will also hit the sweet spot. Let us know if we were correct below!

Between 30-45 years old

Between 30-45 years old

Such a sweet age. Based on your answers, we really feel this is where you are in life. When you're traveling, you like a fun balance of craziness and calmness. You want to take in the gorgeous views, but also eat like a local at the neighborhood taco spot. Let us know if we were correct below!

Between 46-65 years old

Between 46-65 years old

Based on your luxurious choices, we feel you're likely between the ages of 46-65. You're over the 'party' scene and would prefer to explore the nature and good views California has to offer. If we're not correct in your age, we believe this is your travel age, which is awesome - meaning you like to relax and truly get a feel for the cultural differences you may feel when you're out of your hometown. We totally admire that.

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