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Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Feb 21, 2021

Even the greatest scientists get impressed by the awesomeness of nature. The world around us really is wonderful and only a small percentage of adults understand some of the most random, weird nature facts. Complete the quiz to see if you're in the top 30% of those who previously knew these facts and if not, take this opportunity to be amazed!

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True or False:
Saturn could float in water.

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Where do baby giraffes place their head when sleeping?

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True or False:
Men blink more than women.

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About how many miles of hair does the average person grow in their lifetime?

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True or False:
Camels' humps are made up of all the water they drink.

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How many inches of rain equals 20-30 inches of snow?

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True or False:
More male giraffes are gay than straight.

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At what age do greenland sharks reach puberty?

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True or False:
The stripes on tigers are seen only on their fur.

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What color were the world's first carrots?

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