Let’s Play ‘Would You Rather’ and Find Out the Decade You Were Meant to be Born In

Do you ever feel like you were meant to be born in a different time period?

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Sep 23, 2021

Sometimes the decade you were born in, is not the decade your soul feels most connected to. Answer the questions below and we'll reveal which decade you were more likely meant to be born in...

Would you rather... Go to a big music festival or watch a band play at a local pub?

Would you rather... Dress for style or comfort?

Would you rather... Never use a cell phone again or never be able to watch TV again?

Would you rather... Go back in time 100 years or see into the future 100 years?

Would you rather... Travel to Iceland or England?

Would you rather... Meet Paula Abdul or Justin Bieber?

Would you rather... Eat pasta or rice for dinner every day?

Would you rather... Buy a modern condo or traditional house?



Based on your responses, we feel you were totally meant to be born in the 1970s! You have a 70's soul, you're into the finer things of life and while you appreciate technology, you don't need it to survive.



Based on your responses, we feel you were meant to be born in the 1980s! You have a very traditional side to you but you're still very tech-savvy.



Based on your responses, we think you were totally meant to be born in the 1990s! You're totally fresh, love the new technology, and absolutely up to date with the latest trends.

Do you feel connected to the decade you were actually born in?

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