2021 Had Some Wild Moments That Make For Perfect Halloween Costumes. What Will Be Yours?

It's never too early to get your Halloween costume together, so what should you be this year?

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Oct 31, 2021

Every year there's people who dress up in classic costumes, and then there's people who choose to be a little more modern by wearing something from a new TV show or funny moment that made history. Where do you stand? Do you know what you'll be wearing this Halloween? If you're still unsure, this is what the quiz is for. Check it out and gain inspiration!

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Would you rather be scary or attractive on Halloween?

What is (or was) your favorite Halloween activity?

Would you ever spend the night in a real haunted house?

Pick a Halloween movie:

How do you usually put together your Halloween costume?

Is it tradition to go to at least one pumpkin patch each year?

What do you do with all your leftover candy?

Which insect would you rather be?

If all you had was a bed sheet, what costume would you make of it?

What's your favorite Halloween song?

Bernie Sanders at the Inauguration

Bernie Sanders at the Inauguration

Based on your responses, we have a feeling you just like to have a good time on Halloween - being the hottest one on the scene really doesn't cross your mind. A funny look this year is definitely Bernie Sander's iconic, low-key, and extremely casual outfit he wore during the inauguration. All you need is a green coat, knit mittens, and a blue disposable mask. *Bonus points if you add a plastic chair!

Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala

Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala

Talk about making a statement! With this costume, all eyes will be on you... But they won't know who you are. Maybe you love that, maybe you hate that. But either way, this is an incredibly cool, easy-to-make and on-trend costume for this year's Halloween!

A 'Squid Game' Guard

A 'Squid Game' Guard

How awesome! Hopefully you've watched 'Squid Game' to know how bada$$ of an outfit this is. Find a red jumpsuit and pair it with black shoes, belt and gloves and you're all set! Take it to the extreme with a black ski mask to totally complete the look.

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