It’s That Time of Year Again! What Should YOU Buy This Black Friday?

Black Friday's right around the corner. What's on your shopping list?

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Nov 17, 2021

Before getting online and viewing all the deals or running to the store to see what's on sale, it might be a good idea to really think about what you actually need. Is it an appliance, clothing, a new phone, computer, or something else? Using our quiz, we can help you narrow that down. Check it out below!

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Firstly, have you bought anything big for your home lately?

Do you work from home?

How often do you wear jewelry?

When's the last time you bought yourself a new pair of shoes?

How often do you watch TV?

What do you drink in the morning?

Do you like to workout?

Lastly, will you be taking any little loved ones to see Santa this year?

Macbook Pro

Macbook Pro

Based on your answers, we think you should look towards getting a Macbook Pro this year. Or, if not a Macbook Pro, treat yourself to some type of new computer! You totally deserve it.

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

Based on your responses, we think you should get yourself a pressure cooker this Black Friday! This time of year is the best time to treat yourself to this appliance, and it'll make your life in the kitchen so much easier. With most stores offering a great return policy, what's there to lose?

XBox Series X

XBox Series X

According to your responses, we definitely think you should get yourself an XBox this year. If you're already into video games, you know this is quite the treat. If you're not, you'll be amazed at how much technology has improved in the gaming world. Enjoy!

Do you typically go Black Friday shopping?

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