If You Did These Things as a Kid, You Were Definitely a Rebellious Teen!

Be honest... How often did you sneak out of the house?

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Apr 21, 2021

Some things you do as a kid can reveal how you'll act as a teenager or even as an adult. Answer these 10 yes/no questions to see if we determine you to have been a rebellious teen or not!

Did you ever sneak out of your house?

Would you change outfits when you got to school?

Did you dye your hair before the age of 12?

Would you wait until your parents went to bed to watch tv shows they didn't allow you to see?

Did you ever skip class (without a valid excuse) before entering high school?

As a child, would you lie to your parents about where you really were?

Did you get something besides your ears pierced?

Were you dating around in middle school?

Did you get drunk before the age of 16?

Would you get grounded often?

Nope - Not a rebellious teen

Nope - Not a rebellious teen

While there may have been times you thought about doing something risky, overall you seem to have been a greatly responsible teenager! This likely translates into how you are today as well: fun, creative, loyal and trustworthy. While these are amazing qualities to hold onto, don't forget to live outside your comfort zone sometimes! Enjoy the good times.

You were totally a rebellious teen

You were totally a rebellious teen

So... Maybe you couldn't light a match with your teeth, but you definitely had some things in common with John. Did you like skipping class? Did you ever go out with someone and not tell your parents? How did you feel about people telling you what to do as a teen? Based on your answers, it seems like you had some rebellious moments! Want to continue the fun? Click here to check out more personality quizzes!

Were you a rebellious teen?

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