How Much Do You Know About Tarot Cards?

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Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Jan 31, 2021

It's pretty cool how people can get insight to their future (or their past!) based on a deck of cards. The storytelling technique of reading Tarot cards dates back to many centuries ago, and it's only evolved a few times to become what we know it as today. Think you know a thing or two about Tarot cards? Or... Would you maybe like to learn a thing or two about them? Complete the trivia quiz below to find out!

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What is the most common Tarot deck?

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When did Tarot cards likely originate?

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How many cards are in a standard modern Tarot deck?

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Which family was the oldest surviving set created for?

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In Minor Arcana, what do the Sword suits relate to?

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Tarot cards were originally part of which culture's storytelling games?

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When did worldwide expansion of Tarot interpretation in the western world begin?

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Who's the oldest artist we know of to have painted a set of Tarocchi (early Tarot) cards?

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How many Major Arcana cards are in a standard Tarot deck?

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Who is responsible for reinventing the Tarot deck to the Thoth deck?

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