How Much Do YOU Know About Christmas Celebrations Around the World?

Check out how much you know about Christmas all around the world

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Dec 7, 2020

Christmas may be one big holiday, but it's not always celebrated the same. Depending on where you're from, your holiday traditions likely differ from those of your neighboring countries! Take the quiz below to see how well you know Christmas *around the world!

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How much do Americans spend on Christmas lights each year?

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In Japan what's customary to eat on Christmas day?

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In which country, on the Baltic Sea, do people traditionally visit cemeteries on Christmas Eve?

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Which role does the black cat play in Icelandic Christmas tradition?

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What is Santa called in Hawaii?

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What is the day after Christmas called in the UK?

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In North America, children put out stockings. What do children in Holland put out for Santa?

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In Finland Santa doesn't ride a sleigh. What animal does he ride?

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In Armenia the traditional Christmas meal is fried fish, lettuce and which other green vegetable?

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How do Australians typically spend Christmas?

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What percentage of people in China celebrate Christmas?

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The Twelve Days of Christmas end on what date?

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