Hotel Employees Shared CRAZY Weird Secrets of Their Jobs… Can You Guess Which Are True or False?

You might want to place the "Do not disturb" sign.

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Jun 23, 2021

Some hotel employees from across the US have come out to reveal some pretty crazy secrets regarding their jobs. From housekeepers to employee rooms, they've covered it all. But, not all are true. Can you correctly separate the truth from the lie? Let's make the reservation to find out!

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Some cleaners admit to never using soap when washing dishes.

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Many hotels have a 'Beware of This Guest' list that they share with all neighboring hotels.

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The dirtiest things in a hotel are (more often than not) the room keys.

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If someone dies in a room, the hotel gets rid of the body and then the room gets booked again that same day.

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The comforters get washed maybe once a month, if you're lucky.

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Housekeepers use the same rag to clean the bathroom and the TV remote.

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Almost all hotels have an employee room used exclusively for hookups.

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If someone pukes, pees, or poops in a bed at a hotel, the mattress isn't replaced.

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