Funny True or False Questions for Your Amusement

Do you know a lot about many things?

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Mar 27, 2021

Time to put your random-facts knowledge to the test. While many people are great at trivia tests focused on spelling, history, science or math - there's so much more. What about someone's general intelligence? Complete the quiz to see how well you do...

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Humans can catch warts from toads.

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A tsunami wave can travel the speed of a jet.

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The snow on Venus is metal.

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Cows can walk down stairs but not up them.

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While sleeping, you cannot smell anything.

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The shortest war in history lasted for only 52 minutes.

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Swallow gum and it stays in the body for 3 years.

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Snakes can predict earthquakes.

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Lightning never hits the same place twice.

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Only female mosquitos bite.

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