For Everyone Who Grew Up Watching ‘Sesame Street,’ We Can Now Reveal Which Character You’re Most Like

Grab your cookies and let's get to it!

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Jan 17, 2022

Whether you grew up watching 'Sesame Street' as a young child or you recently decided to binge watch the show, this quiz is for you! There's so many incredible characters on the show and if you're anything like us, you might've wondered which one you're most like. Time to find out!

>> What Does Your Favourite 'Sesame Street' Character Say About You?

Firstly, pick a food:

Growing up, which did you want to be?

Pick a color:

Which of these traits is the closest to how your friends would describe you?

Which activity do you like most?

What number are you choosing?

Pick an animal:

Lastly, how do you like to celebrate your birthday?

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster

Just like Cookie Monster, you're friendly, curious and attentive! You ask questions when you don't understand something and you're always excited to learn more. A funny trait of yours is that you lose track of everything when your favorite food is in front of you. Nom nom nom!



Just like Elmo, you're extremely social and personable! This means everyone around you tend to gravitate toward you as they enjoy being in your presence. You love to explore the world and have a great group of friends to do that with you.

Big Bird

Big Bird

Just like Big Bird, you're extremely warmhearted and welcoming to everyone you meet! Nobody feels alone when you're around. You're passionate and unafraid of failure, which means that you will try anything which is super inspiring to everyone. We love that!

Did you watch Sesame Street growing up?

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