Fact or Fiction: Disneyland Secrets Edition

Everyone knows Disneyland is full of secret menus, but what else are they hiding?

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Sep 2, 2021

You may think you've done all the research necessary for your next trip to Disneyland, but there's always more to learn. And some of these secrets... Well, not many people know about them. Complete the quiz below to find out more about Disneyland's craziest secrets and take advantage of some of them on your next trip to visit Mickey!

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Sleeping Beauty's castle has a working drawbridge but it's never been used.

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Disneyland employees are not allowed to point with one finger, or tell a guest, "I don't know."

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There's a basketball court inside the Matterhorn ride.

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Cheetos were invented in Disneyland.

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All of the plants in Tomorrowland are edible.

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There are four time capsules buried underneath Disneyland.

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If you ask nicely, you can ride the front of the monorail with the conductor.

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...But you cannot steer the Mark Twain riverboat.

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The C-3PO and R2-D2 in 'Star Tours' are real movie props from the "Star Wars" movies.

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Chewing gum is sold at only one store in Disneyland.

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