Eat a Bunch of Snacks to Find Out If You’re Dating the Person You’ll End Up Marrying

Can the tiny bites you like most reveal much about your love life?

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On May 31, 2024

We know it may sound weird, but the snacks you choose can tell us a lot about how you currently feel and where your relationship may (or may not) be headed. Do you believe us? Whether or not, this quiz is here to prove it to ya. Answer just 7 questions below to see if you're on the right path with your special someone!

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Choose which snack you like the most:

What about fruit? Which do you tend to snack on?

These smooth options can be topped with fruit to make for a more filling snack. Which are you choosing?!

What crunchy snack could you eat daily?

Choose one from the sweet options below:

It's a carb-loaded day. Which are you snacking on?

Two different types of sweet, though both equally delicious! Select the final snack of your choice:

You're definitely with the right person

You're definitely with the right person

Based on the tasty choices you made, it seems like you have your head on straight and you make stable decisions. We're pretty sure you're in a happy relationship, and if that's true, then you're likely to last with this special someone. Good luck!

Might wanna rethink your relationship...

Might wanna rethink your relationship...

Uh oh, you may not be with the right person. The snacks you selected showed some lack of confidence, which is something your boo should definitely be giving you. You should feel supported, confident, and happy in your relationship. If you don't feel these things, it may be time to reconsider what's most important in your life.

How did the result make you feel?

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