Do You Have What It Takes to Win Netflix’s ‘The Circle’?

Are you going to fake it till you make it?

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On May 24, 2021

Netflix's show 'The Circle' is all the talk these days. Essentially a popularity contest, this show portrays social media and the impact of what you see online. Do you know enough about networking to win the show? Could you be crowned first place? Let's find out...

First, who are you playing as?

How many alliances are you forming?

You get the chance to post anonymously about one of your opponents... How are you going about doing this?

Which apartment style would you prefer?

You get the chance to block one opponent, who will it be?

Lastly, what would you do with the money?

Maybe give it a few years...

Maybe give it a few years...

While you had some promising decisions, we don't think you're quite ready to win #TheCircle. Maybe a few more years of watching the show and fully understanding how social networking plays out would give you more of an advantage to winning in the near future. Don't give up, with some preparation it could totally work!

Yes, you could totally win!

Yes, you could totally win!

According to your responses, you could totally win #TheCircle! You have great knowledge of how social media networking plays out and we think you have strong potential for taking first place. Nice!

Do you watch 'The Circle'?

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