Design Your Dream Home and We’ll Reveal How Many Kids You’ll Have

What your dream home says about your life

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Dec 29, 2020

It's always fun to think about how many kids you may have! Using your favorite home design details, we've put together a quiz to guess how many little loved ones may be in your future. Check it out!

Pick your favorite home exterior:

Pick a front entry door:

Pick the nicest living room:

Pick your dream kitchen:

Pick a guest bedroom:

Pick your favorite main bedroom:

Pick a bathroom:

Pick your ideal dining area:

Pick a backyard:

Pick the perfect pool:

One kid

One kid

Based on your minimalistic design choices, we see you likely having one very loved child.
You appreciate coming home to a clean, organized home and don't need too many little bodies running around making a mess. Sure, you think kids are cute, but don't want to revolve your life around too many of them for your whole adult life...
And that's completely okay! Enjoy

2-3 kids

2-3 kids

Based on your design choices, we believe you lean a bit more traditional.
It seems you want your children to have siblings to lean on and play with, but don't plan on having a huge family. Having said, we think 2 or 3 kids are likely in your future!
Have fun with your little ones!

At least 4 kids

At least 4 kids

We see you having a large family in the future with many kiddos running around!
Based on your fun design choices, it seems that you're an energetic, creative individual.
These are all great aspects to a parent of many. How lovely!

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