Fun Fashion Finds You Wouldn’t Believe are on Amazon

Let’s check the digital clothes racks!

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Jul 13, 2021

Millions of people rely on Amazon for an assortment of things, such as: phone cases, car parts, home decor, gifts, etc... But did you know there’s also an incredible selection of clothing items as well? Yup, you'd never even know that the cute cardigan that woman in the store was wearing was from Amazon, or that the nice boots that man had on during the hike were from Amazon as well! And the greatest part, all the reviews. You can really get a feel for what you're purchasing, but no worries if it still doesn't work out, because Amazon purchases are fully refundable!
So, Which of these will be the next box to arrive at your doorstep?


Soft & Unique Cotton Cardigan

If you're in the market for something funky and fresh, these cardigans are totally for you. The sunset look is a dupe of another brand's (really) expensive sweater, and nobody would ever be able to tell the difference! With almost 200 reviews at 4/5 stars, we don't think you can go wrong with this purchase. OH and if you're not feeling bold enough for the bright pattern quite yet, there's multiple different options to choose from! Check them out here.

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Women's Waffle Knit Top

For those summer nights that get a little chilly but not quite cold enough to put on a sweater, this top has got your back. While it's tucked in for the photo, the shirt can be worn long, cropped or tucked! You know those basics you've gotta have for just throwing something on with a pair of jeans or sweats? This top literally goes with everything...And comes in 14 colors! A must-have in your closet.

Get this cute, basic item here.

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Retro Sunglasses

These sunglasses are the move - for anyone. With almost 500 5-star reviews, do we have to say much more? And if you don't believe us, the link is below. Thank us later.

Grab yourself a pair here.

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Women's Fuzzy 3 Piece Outfit

Kim Kardashian's SKIMS brand has taken the world by storm, and with that, come the perfect dupes. For those who are looking to save a little money, this entire set is just under $30. And even more impressively - you can choose between 5 color options if you're not a big fan of the white look. The reviews are in that this set is extremely comfortable and perfect for looking adorable while lounging around. Are you in? Check it out here.

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Platform shoes are SUPER in these days, and these ones in particular are for men and women alike. For all my short gals, you'll appreciate these. We like these as they're a fun pop of color, and they're Converse, so they're known to last long and be comfortable. Want a pair? Click here.

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The Perfect Brunch Dress...

Okay ladies, with brunch dates back in action, we've been on the hunt for the most stylish day dresses. After lots of searching around, this one caught our eyes and we fell in love! Not into the baby blue? Don't worry, there's 13 other lovely colors to choose from. 7,000+ people have chosen to write reviews on this Amazon favorite, so check them out for yourself! Click here.

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...And An Incredibly Cute Bag To Go With It

A Calvin Klein handbag on Amazon?! Yup, that's right. And that's not it... There's 26 colors and depending which you choose, some are often up to 50% off! We adore this bag for it's generous size and high quality vegan leather; the perfect combo for a great purchase.

Check it out!

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