Cute Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Loved One That Won't Break the Bank

Take a look at some of our favorite affordable Valentine's gifts

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Feb 10, 2021

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and whether you're looking for a gift to give your special loved one or wish to treat yourself this year, you've come to the right place. It's important to remember that the day is meant to be fun (not stressful!), so we've put together gifts that totally look more expensive than they are but won't break the bank! Check them out...


The Cutest Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker

At just $17.99, imagine the happiness this waffle maker would bring to your life. The chocolate chips, maple syrup and alllll the strawberries on top of your heart shaped waffle... Wow. Take note that this makes mini waffles, and everything (yes, everything) is more adorable when it's mini. It's no wonder this product has over 116,000 reviews and almost a perfect 5 stars.

Get it here!


Silk Satin Pillowcase

Did you know the type of pillowcase you use can directly affect the frizziness of your hair and the appearance of your skin? For anyone who wants their hair and skin to look as good as the feeling of a great night's rest, this is the perfect gift.

If this didn't sell ya, let the reviews speak for themselves.
Find it here!


Turkish Delight Gift Box

The cutest little box of sweets for your sweetie... Yup, you've found it. If you're on the hunt for a unique gift this year, these turkish delights in *pure rose flavor* are sure to be a treat. With over 700 ratings and 4 stars, you can be on the safe side buying these for any Valentine of yours. Pair these with tea, or eat them as a snack for times you want something delightful but not very sweet!

Get your sweet box here :)


'What I Love About You' Book

While a box of Valentine's is a traditional gift on this special day, take it to the next level by writing about all your romantic feelings. Instead of buying something your loved one can eat in a day (or an hour), take the time to give them something they can keep, cherish and look back at forever. The "What I Love About You" fill-in book gives you prompts and let's you fill in all the blanks - allowing you to keep it light hearted and fun(ny), or a little more deep and meaningful - all up to you.

Click this link to get to writing!


Funny Wine Glass Charms

...Because wine not? Am I right? Okay, seriously, we are obsessed with these wine glass charms. They're not only super helpful when you have guests over and don't want to lose track of who's glass is who's, but they make for a good time as well. With charm sayings such as 'cloud wine', 'pour decisions', and 'liquid therapy', every set has a charm for every type of winoholic!

Find them here


Bath Set

A bit pricier of a Valentine's gift (but still under the $30 mark!), is this bath set perfect for your partner or yourself (because let's be real... you deserve some good stuff too). With five lovely assorted scents to choose from, these sets would make anyone calm and happy. Each set includes one apothecary candle, organic shea butter and coconut oil soap, a shea butter bath bomb and a mineral salt bath soak sachet!

Create a luxurious spa experience just by clicking this.


Scratch-Off Poster of the US

For all you adventurous individuals out there, check out a scratch-off poster to take your relationship to the next state soon enough! Every time you travel or go on that long desired roadtrip you've been talking about, you get the joy of scratching off that destination. After a certain amount of time you'll be happy to hang this poster up on your wall and look back at all the cool places you've been.

Find the poster here!

Why is Valentine's Day celebrated on February 14th?

You're right, Love Bird!

You're right, Love Bird!

Oh no, you're wrong. At least buy the right gift

Oh no, you're wrong. At least buy the right gift

Why is Valentine's Day celebrated on February 14th?

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