How Well Do You Know Jennifer Lopez Lyrics? Let’s get Loud and Find Out

Let's see how well you can fill-in-the-blanks!

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Sep 2, 2021

Jennifer Lopez's birthday is July 24th, and we're here to celebrate! From her music, movies or very long history with Ben Affleck, everybody knows J.Lo. Now It’s your time to see if her lyrics are still playing on your mind. 

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"Hug me, _____ me, judge me, the only man that hovers above me..." (I'm Real)

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"But yet we find ourselves in a less than _____ circumstance" (Ain't It Funny)

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"And I refuse to let you _____ me for a fool" (If You Had My Love)

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"It makes a _____ nervous, the thought of settlin' down" (All I Have)

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"Dance the night way, grab somebody, _____ a little more" (On The Floor)

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"Raising up a _____ so I would notice you" (Love Don't Cost A Thing"

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"Live it all the way and don't you _____ it" (Let's Get Loud)

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"I can tell you ain't never had someone this _____" (Get Right)

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