Can We Guess Your Fave HGTV Designer Based on Your Design Choices?

Who's your fave HGTV designer?

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Nov 23, 2020

Staying indoors these days has us looking around our space and seeing what changes we could make. It also has us watching HGTV for design inspirations. HGTV provides us with some of the most incredible designers with all design styles we could ever dream of. So which is your fave designer? Take the quiz below and see if we guessed correctly!

Which exterior do you like most?

Favorite living room?

Which is your dream fireplace?

What about your favorite kitchen?

Which master bedroom is your fave?

And your favorite master bath?

Which throw pillows are your fave?

Dream backyard?

Which garage design would you choose?

And what about your favorite deck?

Christina Anstead

Christina Anstead

Just like Christina, you love that coastal living and relaxing atmosphere that homes can provide. You don't need a home on the water to achieve this! Using neutral colors and an open layout, the homes you love most represent a fun, carefree lifestyle.

David Bromstad

David Bromstad

Considering you absolutely love color and bringing in that creative energy into your home, who else could be your fave designer other than the one and only David Bromstad? David is often found transforming the most boring of rooms into vibrant, energy-filled spaces. Save the grey couch for another place, we need a pop of color in here!

Hilary Farr

Hilary Farr

From the designs you chose, we think Hilary Farr is your fave designer! You love the traditional look, with a modern twist. That luxurious taste, with emphasis on comfort. Freshening up a space and giving it life is Hilary's specialty, and it's not hard to see why she's so popular.

Jonathan Scott

Jonathan Scott

Who hasn't heard of the Scott Brothers? While both Drew and Jonathan are creative geniuses, Jonathan is more widely known as the designer. He's not afraid to mix and match materials, using the right colors to brighten up small spaces, and figuring out exactly which furniture will work perfectly for each room. Taking into consideration your personality, Jonathan is great at custom homes - something you love a lot.

Did you get the designer you expected?

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