Can We Guess Which Netflix Show You'd Be a Star Of?

Which Netflix show would you definitely thrive in?

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Nov 30, 2020

Isn't it cool to think about what cool show you should be in? The storyline, the other actors, and the life on set... yeah, it all sounds pretty nice. Answer 10 questions below and we'll determine which Netflix show you'd be a star of!

How would your friends describe you?

Pick one:

How much of a diva are you?

Can you act?

What would you do first with a million dollars?

Could you see yourself as a Youtube vlogger?

What type of hat suits you best?

When learning, what type of student are you?

What sort of clothes do you wear?

Which do you consider yourself to be?



As a young adult navigating life, this series would be the perfect fit for you! Romance, school, and mystery are all huge parts of the show and sound like stuff you'd be totally into. And let's be real... being on set with KJ Apa doesn't sound so bad either.

Sex Education

Sex Education

A little lost, maybe a little insecure, let's face it - we've all been there.
Sex Education is a fantastic show about a teenage boy with a sex therapist mother who sets up an underground sex therapy clinic at school. The characters all show great development and growth as time goes on, and it's really quite heartwarming! Based on the answers you chose, we think you'd do great in this cute, quirky series.

The Society

The Society

If you were ever made to read 'Lord of the Flies' as a middle or high school student, you may be super familiar with this storyline. Have you ever thought about what you'd do if you were suddenly stranded in a familiar place, but with nobody outside of just a small group? As an independent and super smart young adult, we think you'd excel in this show! Your creativity would get you far, and people would simply adore your character.

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