Can We Guess Which Emoji You Use Most?

Are you a classic smiley face or a thumbs-up kind of person?

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Jul 18, 2021

The emojis you use most say a lot about you. Maybe you use hand symbol emojis most because you like to make it clear what your gestures would be. Maybe you use the facial expressions most because you want it to be obvious how you'd react in person. In this quiz, we have 10 questions for you and we're going to guess which emoji you use most! Let us know if we got it right...

First, how do you identify?

Pick a pet:

Are you easily offended?

Which social platform do you use most?

Do you use emojis when messaging your boss?

Who do you text most?

How seriously do you like to be taken?

Do you like to troll people?

Pick a phone color:

Lastly, how funny are you?

You totally use the funny, tongue-out emoji most often! You're likely a silly individual and like to crack jokes. This emoji comes in handy when you want to get the point across that your message had sarcasm in it, or if you're unsure of how the person will take your text and want to make sure it's not too serious.

So, is it true, you're a thumbs-up emoji person? We love this emoji and it gives us the impression you're a little more on the mature, serious side of things. Maybe you only like to use emojis when replying to business messages, in which case, a thumbs-up is a very appropriate response. Keep it up!

A classic, cute smiley! We get the impression you use this most often, as it's always perceived well and gives off positive vibes. From your responses, this is what we think of you. You're a happy individual who goes along with the flow and enjoys good company!

Did we guess an emoji you use often?

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