Can We Guess How Many Siblings You Have?

Sometimes your friends become family, and sometimes your family are your closest friends. How will your answers determine your results?

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Jun 9, 2021

Typically the amount of siblings you have plays a big role in your childhood and also how you act as an adult. For instance, an only-child may have more of an independent-mindset while someone with many siblings has grown up knowing they have multiple people to count on for help. What does your family configuration say about you?

First, can you sleep through anything?

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Did you have a bunk bed growing up?

How would you describe your relationship with your siblings?

Do you get lonely easily?

What did you have to do to get your first car?

At what age were you allowed to start going out alone without a parent?

Do you get annoyed if people borrow your stuff?

Who do you go to first when you want to gossip?

How much do you worry about caring for elderly parents?



You sneaky human, you... Tried to trick us by taking a siblings test when you're an only child! Or at least, based on your choices, this is how you've felt growing up. You likely led a very self-aware childhood as your parents had all their eyes and focus on you.

1 or 2 siblings

1 or 2 siblings

Based on your choices, we think you have one or two siblings!
You're likely pretty close to them, as you're a small tight-knit family unit.
Check out this quiz to see which TV siblings you are all most like!

3 or more siblings

3 or more siblings

Wow! You grew up with many built-in friends. That's awesome.
Based on your choices, we think you have at least 3 siblings. How fun is that?!
Next, check out which TV siblings you all resemble most!

Were we accurate?

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