Bridgerton Season 2 Is OUT! What Do You Remember From Season 1?

The next season of Bridgerton was released on March 25th. Take this Netflix quiz and see if you are you truly as prepared as you think you are?

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Apr 1, 2022
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With the new season of Bridgerton being released, we think it's the perfect time to check how much we remember from season one. You can't watch the new season without any knowledge of what happened before, right? Let's see how much you recall from the first season now...

>> Which Bridgerton guy would ask for your hand in marriage? emoji

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Who is the eldest sibling in the Bridgerton family?

2 / 8

What's the name of the Duke and Duchess' Castle?

3 / 8

 How many siblings are there in the Bridgerton family?

4 / 8

What is the name of the Featherington housekeeper?

5 / 8

How are the Bridgerton siblings named?

6 / 8

Whose wife had been briefly married before?

7 / 8

Which couple named their first child after the late Lord Bridgerton?

8 / 8

Which Bridgerton spouse once worked for Lady Bridgerton as a lady's maid?

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