Answer 7 Questions to Find Out How You Should Totally Dress Up Your Pet

January 14th is 'Dress Up Your Pet Day.' How should you celebrate?

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Jan 7, 2022

If you didn't already know, there's a special day all for dressing up your pet. Whether you already love to put little sweaters on your puppy or bows on your cat's collar, we want to celebrate this day with you! Answer 7 questions below and we'll reveal how you should dress up your pet...

First and foremost, does your pet already have any clothes of their own?

What color is your pet?

Choose which trait most closely aligns with your pet:

In total, how many pets have you had?

In the middle of the day, would your pet prefer a walk or food?

How old is your pet?

Lastly, how did you find your fur baby?

Diva Chic emoji

Diva Chic emoji

Okay, so maybe the sunglasses are a bit much... BUT we totally think that your pet would look fabulous in a fun bright scarf of sorts! We got the feeling they don't like too much extra stuff on them (they barely like collars, huh?) so something light and airy is probably best. Have fun dressing up!

Let's go to the beach, brooooo...emojiemojiemoji

Let's go to the beach, brooooo...emojiemojiemoji

Based on your responses, we think your pet is pretty relaxed and loving, which would make them the perfect beach partner. Dress them up with cute Hawaiian shirt for some positive vibes and a fun photo!

Which pet animal do you have?

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