Can We Guess What Type of Attraction You Look for Most in a Relationship?

Do you look for an emotional or physical connection?

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Apr 10, 2023

Everyone has a different love language and everyone has a different type of connection they're looking for. We think with just 10 questions we can guess what type of attraction you like most. Let's find out!

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What do you usually call your friends to vent about?

Pick a pet:

Which of these high school clubs were you a part of?

Pick an artist:

What age range do you fall into?

Pick the perfect vacation destination:

What did you mostly do in college?

Pick a dating app:

How would you describe yourself?

Pick a weekend activity:

Emotional Attraction

Emotional Attraction

Based on your choices, we believe you're most attracted to the emotional connection you feel with a special individual. You don't care as much what they look on the outside, but rather how beautiful they are on the inside. In the end, their mind and spirit has drawn you in - typically forming a strong bond between the two of you.

Physical Attraction

Physical Attraction

Based on your choices, we believe the physical attraction you feel towards a special individual is important in your relationship. This physical bond may be felt within the first 90 seconds of meeting, or it may grow over time... And while quick physical attraction is typically the 'beauty' part, there's more to it! The more similarities two individuals have between each other, the more often they see one another and little bits of wanted attention here and there can all lead to physical attraction. In sum, this is an important part of any relationship and it's totally okay that it's most important in yours!

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