70% of Adults Fail This Space Trivia Quiz… How Will You Do?

If you ace this quiz you can probably sign up to be an astronaut now. Try it now!

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Nov 30, 2021

How prepared are you for World Space Week, starting October 4th? If you think you know your space smarts, show off your knowledge down below!

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Which way does Earth spin?

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Pick the galaxy that is further away from Earth:

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What type of star is Betelgeuse?

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In what year was the first exoplanet discovered in?

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Choose the planet that has no moons:

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Which year did the Spirit and Opportunity rovers land on Mars?

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Why is Pluto no longer considered a planet?

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Apollo 11 launched on a 363-foot-tall rocket called what?

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Who discovered Pluto in 1930?

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How long did it take New Horizons to reach Pluto?

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Given the opportunity, would you travel to outer space?

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