7 Incredible Amazon Finds to Keep You & Your Pet Cool This Summer

Summer has officially arrived! How will you and your 4 legged friend keep chill?

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Jul 6, 2021

Okay friends, now that summer is here, it's time to check out the best necessities for keeping you and your precious pet cool in the heat.

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Remember, your furry friends can heat up under their fur much faster than we may think, and it's important to make sure they stay well hydrated and cool no matter the temp (though it's especially key in these hot months ahead). emoji


A portable dog water bottle so your pup can stay well hydrated during all outings.

Whether you're going out for a walk, hike, picnic or BBQ with friends, it's important to think of your pup and how they'll stay hydrated too. A portable dog water bottle is quite possibly one of the best pet inventions (if we do say say ourselves) as they're easy to carry, yet make it much easier on your dog to drink too! Best of both worlds.

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Hands-free neck fan to keep you cool no matter where you are.

Okay, this device might look a little funny at first, but trust us, you'll love it. Especially if you live somewhere with insane heat and maybe even heat waves, this is a must-have. Thousands of people have purchased and the reviews are great, with over 4 out of 5 stars!

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A self-cooling pet mat so your furry friend never overheats.

Have you seen these before? They're pretty incredible. If you're going out (or your AC goes out!) this will be a savior for keeping your pet cool. It's simple, effective and your dog is sure to thank you.

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A HyperChiller to turn all your beverages into icy cold goodness.

Reviewers rave that this HyperChiller is the perfect summer gift. If you've left your wine out and you're looking to get it ice cold again, the HyperChiller is there for you. If you simply want to get your OJ to be a little more cool and fresh, the HyperChiller has your back. Yes, you can use it on pretty much any drink you wish, from soda to ice tea to alcoholic beverages!

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A cat window perch for your precious kitty to enjoy getting some sun.

Here's another item your cat is sure to love... Especially if they tend to sit by the sun. We know many fur babies love to bathe in the sun, and if yours is no exception, check out this small piece of furniture specifically for your kitty. These window perches come in all styles (so check them all out) but the one linked has absolutely amazing reviews...

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An electric ice cream maker to give you all the joy of home made ice cream on those crazy hot summer nights.

For those hot summer days that just don't seem to end, an ice cream machine will come in handy. You can literally make any flavor you dream of and it's fun for the whole family! There's so many to choose from, but Cuisinart's version sure is hard to beat, and has 10,000+ 5-star reviews to prove it.
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An instant cooling bandana you just put in the fridge for 10 minutes then on your pet!

Last but certainly not least, your pup will not only look ADORABLE in this bandana, but also stay cool! The product's description explains that it's made of heat-resistance fabric and will keep your furry friend cool for hours. One of their tips? "Put it into the water, twist it, then put it into the fridge for 10 minutes and take it out. The cooling effect of the bandana will be more obvious."

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