Time To Get Behind the Lens and Test Out Your Photography Knowledge

Did you know August 19th is World Photography Day?

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Aug 21, 2021

In preparation for World Photography Day, we put together this quiz for both professional photographers and amateur photographers alike. Test out your knowledge on all-things-photography and see what you score!

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Who is credited with taking the first ever photograph?

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In photography, little flecks or grains in an image are called what?

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Who invented the tech company Kodak?

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Which of the following terms represents the size of the opening in a lens?

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In what year was the first photo color taken?

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In what year was the first photo color taken?

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The distance between the lens and the image sensor is known as the _____.

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In what year was the world's first digital camera invented?

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