Kris Jenner Did WHAT? Check Out This True/False Trivia To Be Shocked

Kris' birthday is November 5th. Celebrate by showing us how much you know about her!

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Nov 29, 2021

The iconic Kris Jenner's birthday is this month, and we wanted to put together a special quiz all about Kris. As a fashion queen and momager among many other things, she's truly one of a kind. Having said that, Kris has done a lot that the general public doesn't really know about. Out of these statements, can you guess which are true and false?

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In the 70's, Kris worked as a flight attendant.

2 / 10

Kris got engaged to Caitlyn Jenner after only one month of dating.

3 / 10

She named one of her kids after Nicole Brown Simpson.

4 / 10

Kris almost lost a leg as a kid.

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She has never personally shopped at Costco.

6 / 10

Kris trademarked the term 'momager.'

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All the bathrooms in her home are equipped with gold-colored toilet paper.

8 / 10

Kris keeps a table of nondisclosure agreements in the entry of her home.

9 / 10

She has 6 small tattoos dedicated to her children.

10 / 10

Kris admits one of her biggest regrets was divorcing Robert.

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