5 Of the BEST Celebrity Pranks

Remember when Leonardo DiCaprio papparazzi'd Jonah Hill? That was just one of many incredible celebrity pranks. Let's take a trip down memory lane...

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Apr 4, 2021

Adele surprised Adele impersonators.

Imagine dressing up as someone every day, and one day that person impersonates you as you impersonate them. Does that make sense?

Let's break it down to this funny scenario. In 2015, Adele worked with BBC to disguise her true self and hang out with some of her impersonators. They held an event for best Adele impersonator, and at least 6 people showed off their best Adele looks and sang one of her songs. When it was her turn to 'audition,' she sang as beautifully as she always does, and quite quickly some of the impersonators caught on. This prank caused many happy tears, because of course, who wouldn't cry?


Ellen DeGeneres terrified Taylor Swift on her show.

One of the funniest parts of Ellen DeGeneres' show is how often she scares unsuspecting guests mid-interview. So let's take it back to this incredible prank...

In 2010, Taylor Swift was preparing for her appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." As she made her way into her dressing room bathroom, Ellen quickly jumped up Taylor instantly dropped to the floor screaming. A few moments later when she realized that it was actually Ellen, both Taylor and her mom began laughing hysterically. While the prank terrified Taylor initially, she forgave Ellen and they hugged it out. This was a big story, do you remember when it happened?


Leonardo DiCaprio pretended to be Jonah Hill's fan on the street.

When celebrities casually walk the streets, they're constantly on-guard for crazy fans running up to them, taking photos and doing whatever else they do at the moment. So when Jonah Hill was minding his own business walking the streets of New York City, he got spooked when his co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio, rushed up to him as a fan in an attempt to get him good.

Apparently, DiCaprio was hanging out with some friends when he noticed Hill just walking around by himself listening to music through his earbuds. Instantly, he ran up to Hill with his phone held up, pretending to be an extremely excited fan. While Hill was initially shocked, as soon as he realized exactly who it was, he laughed and was pulled in for a hug. How's that for a celebrity prank?


Ashton Kutcher made Drake believe there was an earthquake.

You might remember when Ashton Kutcher was known as the 'king of pranks' following the success of his reality TV show "Punk'd." One of the funniest pranks he pulled was on big-time star Drake.

On that specific episode, Drake was in a vehicle that randomly started shaking while parked in a garage. During the incident, Drake admitted feeling fearful, thinking they were going to get "blown up." That was his first time experiencing an earthquake... Or so he thought. Kutcher and his team then added fake earthquake aftershocks and with all the special effects, Drake got even more terrified. In the end, Drake was definitely relieved when Kutcher finally revealed that none of it was real.


The guys of One Direction thought they were delivering a baby.

Way back when One Direction was together (cries), Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson teamed up to prank their band mates. They requested a Nickelodeon producer in charge of prepping the boys for their interview pretend to be pregnant, and she did so by wearing a great fake baby bump.

When all the boys were around, she 'went into labor.' The boys were a little shocked at the situation but very ready to help, specifically Harry Styles. When the group learned that the incident was all a made-up prank, Harry revealed that he was thinking, "this is going to be a great press story." Oh, silly Styles...

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