10 Creative Ways to Celebrate a Quarantined Thanksgiving

Creative ways to make Thanksgiving 2020 one to remember

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Nov 16, 2020

While your celebration may look a little different this year, it doesn't mean it has to be any less exciting.

When we think about Thanksgiving, what first comes to mind is gratitude, giving, and lots of delicious turkey. However, this year the coronavirus pandemic has us doing things a little differently... and that includes holidays. What this means is instead of having a large family dinner and a 'friendsgiving' (or two!), you may find yourself only entertaining your immediate family members. Ideally, these would be the same people you've been cooped up in the house with for months now. On the other hand, you could also be spending the holiday by yourself. Whatever the situation you're in, no need to be too disappointed - we're here to help you make this Thanksgiving fun and festive. Yes, even while social distancing.

Continue reading for the 10 best quarantined Thanksgiving ideas you can do at home!


Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

YES! You heard it correctly - the show must go on! New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed that the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will be held this year, though virtually without a crowd. While it certainly won't be the same, it'll still be something warm and comforting to give you a great feeling this Thanksgiving. Tune in this year for a (fingers-crossed!) once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Get everyone in the home cooking

Just because your feast may be a smaller celebration this year, doesn't mean it has to be any less creative or lack yummy dishes. Have every person make their absolute favorite dish and see how it turns out!

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Host a virtual holiday party

In person parties are a thing of the past (for now), and Zoom parties are soooo in! Get your whole family or all your friends on Zoom and play a card game, say something you're grateful for or maybe even eat your dinner 'together!' Virtual parties are great for helping you feel a little less alone - something significant in these tough times.

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Watch a fall movie

Don't know what to do when the dinner portion ends? Consider getting your comfy clothes on and unwinding with a cozy fall film. Pop that popcorn, get out your favorite blankets, and watch a holiday classic! And if you're not sure what movies to watch, here's a great list to get you started!

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Make some Thanksgiving crafts

Whether you decide to make a creative paper turkey to put on your pet or choose to create literally anything else, it's the perfect time to get crafty! Check out this website for easy, incredible ideas that'll be sure to bring your whole family together.

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Go on a neighborhood walk or bike ride

This can be fun alone or with your quarantine pod! Just grab some headphones, your mask, and head out to town! Both activities are terrific ways to get your body moving before all the food, and great excuses to get an up-close look at all the pretty leaves this time of year.

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Send Thanksgiving care packages

Since you won't be able to spend Thanksgiving with everyone you'd usually have on your guest list, take this opportunity to prepare and send them cute care packages! These can include the ingredients to make pumpkin pie, fun holiday mugs, spices, or anything else that makes you think of them. Mail or drop these off to your usual guests and help them feel part of the fun!

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Have family members prepare 'opening' and 'closing ceremonies'

With old traditions on hold, it's time to try out the new stuff. What we have here is a fun activity that can be done both virtually and in person! Before Thanksgiving day, assign one or two people to prepare anything they'd like to 'start the feast', and also to end it. Think of them as opening and closing ceremonies. These can be speeches, a round of jokes, prayer, or even a funny TikTok dance - the possibilities are endless and completely up to the person you put in charge! Choose wisely...

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Try a gratitude bowl

You might be asking... "How exactly does a gratitude bowl work?" Well, here's all that you need to know. Have your whole family (include extended members if celebrating virtually) start this process a couple weeks before Thanksgiving. Each day leading up, have each person write something they’re grateful for on a slip of paper and add it to the household bowl. During your Thanksgiving event, take turns reading aloud. This is a nice way to remind all of us that even just in our daily lives we have lots to be thankful for!

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Turn it into game night

Who came up with the tradition of watching football or a movie on Thanksgiving anyways? If your quarantine pod is one that's typically down for gaming, go straight from dinner to playing! This year is all about doing what'll make you happiest in the circumstances you're in. Play a classic or choose to stay on theme and check out these Thanksgiving games!

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