Top 5 Fine Art Degrees in the UK

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Tahlia Lil
Created by Tahlia Lil
On Jul 31, 2017
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Fine art can be considered as a highly valued aspect of the society. In fact, fine arts degrees produce some of the best talented artists. However, students need to be careful in order to find the best fine art degree and experience all the benefits that are associated with it. Here is a list of the top 5 fine art degrees that you can find in the UK.

1. University of Reading – The University of Reading has been able to retain its position in the top 10 universities for art and design since 2012. The fair entry standards of this university have contributed a lot towards its popularity among students. Therefore students from every corner of the world visit the University of Reading to obtain their fine art degrees. The impressive graduate prospects have also received much attention and people who enroll with this university will be creating their own future without much hassle.

2.University of Oxford – As you already know, University of Oxford is one of the most popular universities that you can see in the world. Many students dream about enrolling themselves to the fine arts degree offered by the University of Oxford. The high student satisfaction and excellent graduate prospects differentiate this university from the others. The arts faculty of the University of Oxford incorporates art history, criticism and other aspects into the degree to make students expose to both theory and practical work. In addition, a strong sense of self-criticism is also insisted within students.

3.University of Glasgow - University of Glasgow is an ancient university that is located within United Kingdom and it has an excellent reputation for greatness. The Glasgow University is placed at the second place for their arts degree programs. This university has very high entry standards and students find it as a difficult task to enter it. Therefore, students who get lucky enough to get in to a fine arts degree will be surrounded with fellow talent of an excellent caliber.

4.Lancaster University - Lancaster University is highly regarded as a school of art and they offer an excellent collection of fine art degree programs for the students who are looking forward to become artists. They emphasis students to engage with more and more researches unlike other universities. The Lancaster University is equipped with 24/7 studio facilities and digital labs. They even have well stocked workshops. Therefore, students who enroll to Lancaster University will be awarded with an excellent platform to become professional artists.

5.Loughborough University - Loughborough University also offers some excellent fine arts degrees for the students who have the dream of becoming talented artists. The high esteem and excellent facilities have contributed a lot towards the popularity of Loughborough University. The Loughborough University also has a very high output of research in a large number of fields. It was able to retain within the top 5 positions for universities that offer fine arts degrees during the past few years.