Which Taylor Swift Album Are You?

Which album of Taylor Swift best suits you?
Fearless, Speak Now, Red or 1989?
Take this quiz to find out!

Swiftie Sparks Fly
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On Mar 29, 2017

Pick a perfume...

Pick one of Taylor's friends...

Pick a type of love!

Pick one of Taylor's genres...

Which slow song is your favourite?

Pick a boyfriend...

Which song do you choose to cheer you up?

Which quality do you think is most important?

Pick a dress...

Sparkles and Sequins?

People describe you as...

It's your formal, what dress do you pick...




You are passionate and eager to try new things and experiences.
You are full of big dreams and passion and want to make the best out of life.

You're not afraid to push barriers and break down walls.

Some say you are too young and inexperienced but it's important to know that everyone successful starts somewhere!

Your Anthem: Change

Spirit Song: Fifteen

When You Need A Pick-Me-Up: You Belong With Me

Speak Now

Speak Now

You are SPEAK NOW!

You are sweet and caring and love the idea of a fairy tale romance.

Some describe you as mature, but you sometimes cling to your childhood and are unsure on getting older and moving into adulthood.

Don't be afraid of the future, find comfort in yourself and those around you and you will be fine!

Your Anthem: Never Grow Up

Spirit Song: Enchanted

When You Need A Pick-Me-Up: Speak Now



You are RED!

You are passionate, emotional and caring. You have been hurt a lot of times before but you can't help but love and trust deeply, which actually draws people to you.

Sometimes your life can get a bit too much and some people seem to see you in a negative light.

But don't worry, times will get much better for you, just enjoy everything around you right now, as time for you seems to go super fast!

Your Anthem: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Spirit Song: Holy Ground

When You Need A Pick-Me-Up: 22



You are 1989!

You are empowered, strong and confident.

After some difficult times, you have become wiser and more independent. Good for you! You surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you.

But, you tend to worry about a lot of things and you are afraid that all this good fortune is not going to last.

To fix this you need to stay positive and take a time out, a breather. This will help you find peace in your busy, stressful life.

Your Anthem: Welcome To New York

Spirit Song: Out Of The Woods

When You Need A Pick-Me-Up: Shake It Off

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