Are you Team Princeling or Team Theo

Find out if you're more kickass pilot or pompous princeling using this handy personality quiz!

S. Usher Evans
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On Jan 3, 2017

If you were stranded on a desert island, would you...

How do you feel about your country?

After being rescued from a deserted island, the first thing I'd eat would be...

What's your favorite season?

What scares you more?

Would you rather live...

Mornings or Evenings?

When faced with a deadline, do you...

Choose your Hogwarts House

Pick a color



You're Team Princeling! A good soul (who maybe needs a little push in the right direction), you're used to a life of luxury. Join the rest of your royal friends on Twitter and Instagram using #TeamPrinceling!

#Team Theo

#Team Theo

You're #TeamTheo! Tough as nails with an unflappable duty to others, you do what is required. Join the rest of your Raven friends on Twitter and Instagram using #TeamTheo!

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