These Brain Teasers Might Actually Drive You Insane

What doesn't drive you insane makes you smarter.

Susan Holmes
Created By Susan Holmes
On Jan 10, 2018

Aunt Tracey is touchy about her age. Her nephew was brave enough to ask her. Aunt Tracey replied she was 35 years old, not counting weekends. How old was she?

A man died and left all of his money to be divided amongst his widow, four daughters, and three sons. He insisted each daughter receive three times as much as each son, and each son should receive twice as much as their mother. If the exact amount left was $7,936, how much should the widow receive?

A couple who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in 1995 were both born on August 16th, seven years apart. The man is 2,555 days older than his wife. In what years were they born?

It takes a motor boat two minutes to travel two miles when going with the current. When the boat is going against the current it takes four minutes. The current is always constant. How long would it take the boat to do the same journey in slack water, when there is no current at all?

How old would a person born in 50 BC be on their birthday in 50 AD?

If a man walks due south for four miles and then due north for three miles, what is the maximum distance he can be from where he started?

Bill and Ben's combined age is 91. Bill is now twice as old as Ben was when Bill was as old as Ben is now. How old are they?

If a man spends one fifth of what is in his wallet and then one fifth of what remains and has spent a total of $72, what was the amount originally in his wallet?

Divide 470 marbles between three boys. Andrew gets 120 more than Bill, who receives 70 more than Chris. How many does each boy receive?

Four cards are taken and numbered 1 through 4. If these cards are thoroughly shuffled, what is the likelihood that the first four cards will be dealt in order of ascendancy?

Sally bought a bracelet for $21, which she then resold for $25. She unwisely accepted a check from the purchases for $35 and gave him $10 change. She then gave the check to her landlord, but it bounced. Sally had to borrow $35 to pay rent. How much money did Sally lose?

Three brothers entered a shop. They each needed a pair of shoes re-soled and a key cut. There are two assistants in the shop, both of whom work at the same speed. It takes 15 minutes to re-sole a pair of shoes and five minutes to cut a key. How quickly can they finish?

If you save 1 penny on the 1st of January, 2 pennies on the 2nd, 4 pennies on the 3rd, and double the amount every day until the last day of January – how much will you have saved by month's end?

You are hands down the RIDDLE MASTER!

You are hands down the RIDDLE MASTER!

You are on FIRE! Your ability to tease out answers to riddles and put the world is right is basically second to none. Everyone's jealous of your really, really, really big brain. For serious.

Ah well, you win some, you lose some. Today was a lose.

Ah well, you win some, you lose some. Today was a lose.

Yeah, tests are hard. Especially the ones you can't really study for. Like this one. But hey, you're not being graded on this! You can go ahead and give it another shot. And maybe next time, you'll come out on top! Go get it!