Only A Real Hairstylist Can Answer 12/14 Of These Questions

Susan Holmes
Created By Susan Holmes
On Dec 12, 2017
Do customers need to wash their hair prior to their appointment?NoYesHow often should you deep-condition your hair?Once every couple of weeksAfter every washTrue or False: You should relax your own hair at home.TrueFalseHow long can you go between haircuts?Every 12 weeks-ishEvery 6 months-ishHow long do weaves last?About 12 weeksAbout 1 yearTrue or False: You should sleep in a silk scarf or hair bonnet.TrueFalseWhat's more worth your money: a salon blowout, or a salon treatment?TreatmentBlowoutAnd would you tell your clients that they need to buy matching shampoo and conditioner?NoYesAnd would you recommend clients use box dye at home?Sure, why not?No way.True or False: Everyone's hair grows at the same rate.TrueFalseWould you take a client from black hair to blonde hair in one appointment?Yes, absolutely.No way.Which hair color molecule is the largest?RedBlackTrue or False: You should shampoo your hair every day.TrueFalseFinal question! Does your scalp need sunscreen?Not really.Oh yes!