Are You A Grinch Or A Scrooge?

This one goes out to all you Christmas haters out there.

Susan Holmes
Created By Susan Holmes
On Dec 5, 2017

What's your general opinion of Christmas music?

And what do you think about mall Santas?

Do you love to watch the high-kicking Rockettes?

How's your Christmas shopping going?

Have you trimmed your tree yet?

Do you have a favorite Christmas cookie?

BONUS! What's your favorite Christmas movie?

You are: A SCROOGE!

You are: A SCROOGE!

You're happy when there's nothing to be happy about. Which means that the same-old, same-old, day in and day out, regular, boring routine is actually your spice of life. You like doing the bare minimum, and you definitely hate going out of your way for others. We suggest you crawl into a hole somewhere with Netflix and enough snacks to get you through the most wonderful time of the year. K?

You are: A GRINCH!

You are: A GRINCH!

People are your personal hell, which is why you're totally a Grinch. Other people's happiness kind of makes you nauseous. You would much rather be left alone 100% of the time, and not have to worry about festivities breaching your quiet bubble. Double down on your hermetic nature and you might get through this holiday season unscathed. Savvy?