QUIZ: Are you in love or is it just a crush?

This quiz will wake you up to reality.

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On Sep 20, 2016

How long have you fancied the person you think you might be in love with?

How many people have you been in love with throughout your life?

What is so great about the person you fancy?

Be honest: do you see a future with this person?

How do you respond when they're in your general vicinity?

Would you call this person if you got your leg stuck in a toilet?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

How does your crush act around you?

You're in love

You're in love

Oh boy. You've got it bad, and - even worse - it's the real deal. So that's good/completely terrifying news for you <3

It's just a crush

It's just a crush

It might feel like the real thing, but it's not going to last forever. That's right, your heart will love again. For real next time.