How To Use Video To Increase Engagement

The Storytelling Team
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On Jun 25, 2018
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So why add Playbuzz Video to your content?

Videos can be an ideal medium for your message, with our data showing that articles that encompass video have a dwell time 7X higher than articles without.

Read more here to understand how you can create even better videos using Playbuzz Video.

Be honest, would you rather read a huge page of text, or watch a short, compelling video?

Calculating results

Here's HOW can you use Playbuzz Video to give readers what they want.

When writing an article, determine which aspect can be told best with video. Do you have many images that tell a story but want to show them in a concise and entertaining manner? Upload them, as well as GIFs, video and text, to the Playbuzz Video template of your choice. Customize colors, music and more!

Here's what creating Playbuzz Video looks like...

And here's that same video embedded into a publisher's outlet.

So what are you waiting for? Create your articles using Playbuzz Video today!

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