How big a pharmacy nerd are you?

Because October is National Pharmacists Month, test your knowledge of all things pharmacy. P.S. It's harder than you think. Bring your A game!

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On Mar 29, 2017
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What percentage of Americans are on at least one prescription?

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To pay his bills before he got famous, which "Avengers - Age of Ultron" star worked at a pharmacy?

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What percentage of pharmacists get the annual influenza vaccination?

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Which United States vice president was also a pharmacist?

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What is the most commonly prescribed drug group for adults aged 19 to 29?

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Which WWE Intercontinental Champion was NOT named in the Signature Pharmacy Scandal? You know what they were taking!

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Which saint/s is the patron for pharmacists?

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How should you advise your patients to dispose of expired drugs?

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Which state is the first and only to legislate banning paper prescriptions, instead directing all prescribing healthcare workers to send all prescriptions to pharmacies electronically? The law, called the I-stop Act, is intended to prevent prescription drug abuse and will come into effect next March.

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Which novelist from the list below was a pharmacist?

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