Which Sister Are You From Hocus Pocus?

Halloween is coming up and that means Halloween movies galore! Which Halloween movie is your favorite. We love Hocus Pocus! Which sister from Hocus Pocus do you think you are? Take this quiz to find out!

Stephanie Lee
Created by Stephanie Lee
On Oct 16, 2019
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Choose a pumpkin:

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What is your main personality trait?

Choose a witch's potion:

Who is your favorite witch?

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You are...Sarah Sanderson!

You are...Sarah Sanderson!

Sarah Sanderson is probably the dumbest of the Sanderson sisters. She's the most dim-witted and super boy crazy. Her singing voice is one of a kind and can hypnotize and lure in children. You're like Sarah if you live life with rose-colored glasses. Your head can be a bit...in the clouds. And you aren't very attentive, but you are charming, sweet and most importantly...evil!

You are...Winnifred Sanderson!

You are...Winnifred Sanderson!

Winnifred is the head honcho amongst her sisters. She is sadistic, temperamental and eternally wicked. She gets offended easily, especially if you call her ugly. She makes up for the incompetence of her sisters and is one of the most skilled and intelligent witches around. If you're like Winnifred, you are a born leader and you will do whatever it takes to see through your evil plans. You know you're smart, it's just the idiots around you that you have to leave with.

You are...Mary Sanderson!

You are...Mary Sanderson!

Mary is probably the most caring of the Sanderson sisters. She is Winnie's right hand witch and calms her intense rages. Although not as evil as the rest, Mary is more observant and perhaps more cunning than her sisterly counterparts. If you're like Mary, you are sinisterly sweet and well attuned to the feelings of others around you.