This Nature Test Will Reveal How Shy You Are

Shy people have an incredibly close connection to nature. It makes us feel calm, peaceful and centred. You may consider yourself shy, but based on your choices, how shy exactly are you? Take this quiz to find out!

Stephanie Lee
Created by Stephanie Lee
On Sep 4, 2018

Choose a rock:

Choose a cloud:

Choose a tree:

Choose a body of water:

Choose a flower:

Choose a dragonfly:

Choose an owl:

Choose a caterpillar:

You are....Extremely Shy!

You are....Extremely Shy!

You're not just shy but you are one of those uber-sensitive shy people. You hate loud noises, extensive conversation and most days you just want to stay in your cubicle. But this means you have a rich inner life and are very connected to nature and animals. You experience life in a way unlike any other!

You are....Moderately Shy!

You are....Moderately Shy!

You are a regular amount of shy. You aren't a huge fan of small talk and you go out of your way to avoid most social events and conversations. This world is just a little too noisy for you, you'd rather stay home and read.

You are...Just a little shy!

You are...Just a little shy!

You are known as a social chameleon. You can turn it off and on when you need to and you'd really rather not mingle at parties...but when push comes to shove you can put on a happy face. You are shy only in certain situations and you can get around most social pleasantries.