Are You A Listener Or A Talker?

Some people listen more than they talk. And some people talk more than they listen. Both forms of communication have pros and cons to them. But where do you fall?

Stephanie Lee
Created by Stephanie Lee
On Aug 10, 2018

Pie or cake?

Post mail or email?

Comic books or novels?

Coffee or tea?

New York City or Honolulu, Hawaii?

Dancing or singing?

Do you sit at the back of the bus or the front?

Math or science?

You are a...Listener!

You are a...Listener!

You are incredibly good at listening to others. You create a serene and calm environment where others feel they can reveal certain things about themselves they otherwise would never dream of talking about. You can pick up on social cues and details that others may have missed. You can easily use your empathy to help others and you are a valuable asset to any group! Listeners rock!

You are a....Talker!

You are a....Talker!

You are a talker. You form your ideas by talking them out and you find the best way to get to know someone is to talk to them. You love debates, speeches and discussing topics of interest. Talking is a way of life for you and you can't imagine life without it. Luckily there are listeners near by to listen to you chat up a storm!