This Baby Saw His Mother For The First Time With Glasses, And It'll Instantly Improve Your Day!

Baby Everett's smile will give you all. the. feels.

Meet three month old Everett. He lives in Iowa with his family.

Everett was born with a rare disorder known as oculocutaneous albinism.

People with this disorder can be affected in a number of ways, one of which are vision problems. Everett's family noticed that he wasn't tracking movement with his eyes, so they took him to the doctor.

Luckily, Everett's family were able to take him to the doctor, and they made teeny-tiny glasses for him to see!

Here's Everett, right before he got his new glasses. You can tell he's not really focusing on anything...

...and then his mother put the glasses on...

...and Everett saw his mother for the first time, ever, and he was overjoyed!!

We're not crying, it's just raining on our faces...

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Baby Everett has a whole new world of things to see!

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