How well do you know European driving laws?

Don’t go on a driving holiday without making sure you know the local laws. Take our quiz and test your knowledge of some European road laws.

Stephan Ganev
Created by Stephan Ganev
On Apr 9, 2018
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In Vienna it’s illegal to beep your horn near what public building?

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In which European country does the law require that motorists carry a breathalyser?

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In Spain, what must you keep in your car if you require glasses for driving?

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What vehicle should you be careful of overtaking in Germany?

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In which country is the speed limit lower for new drivers?

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What must your satnav not be able to locate in France?

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What must you do in congestion on a motorway or dual carriageway in Austria?

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At what age are children permitted to sit in the front seat in Austria?

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