Tips to Take Care of Your Tiles and Grout

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On Nov 13, 2017
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Got a new house or just had your floor re-tiled? Well, it is one of the best feelings in the world to move into a new home or get your surroundings renovated. It adds a pinch of newness to your life and routine. You experience a different sort of happiness.

In most of the cases, this newness doesn’t last long. Our negligence towards the cleanliness and maintenance of tiles and grout is the reason.

Do you live in Long Island and think your tile and grout have lost their personality? If yes, you should hire professionals delivering high-quality services for tile and grout cleaning in Long Island. These professionals are well-trained and well-equipped to bring back the shine and newness of your aging tiles and grout!

In case you want to give it a try on your own, here are a few tips:

1) Keep the Tiled Area Dry:

Most of the areas covered with tile are often the places where a lot of water is used. Tiles are often installed in bathrooms or areas around the kitchen sink.

With regular exposure to water and soap, it is obvious that these tiles accumulate sludge and slime that worsens with time. You cannot cut down on the usage of water in your house to save your tiles. However, according to the experts providing services for grout repair in Long Island, you can save the situation from getting worse by keeping tiles clean and dry.

Make it a habit to wipe off extra water on tiled floors. Also, wipe down the rest of the tiled area with a dry cloth, especially after a shower and doing the dishes. This helps maintain the shine of tiles for a much longer time: the sludge will not accumulate.

2) Use Mild Cleaners

Using extra harsh cleaners like hard detergents or toilet cleaners for cleaning the tiles is never a good idea. No matter how dirty your tiles and grout are, always use a mild cleaning liquid to prevent any harm to a tiled surface.

You are advised to hire tile and grout cleaning in Long Island service providers as they use appropriate cleaning liquids to avoid any patches or spots that are usually left on tiles and grout by harsh cleaners.

Natural cleaning ingredients like lemon juice, baking soda, vinegar, etc. are good for cleaning tiles and grout, preventing them from damage.

3) Do Not Use Hard Cleaning Equipment

One of the biggest mistakes we usually make is scrubbing tiles and grout with extra hard and harsh cleaning equipment. This includes stiff brushes, metallic scrubbers, etc. The damage that these cause to grout and tiles is usually irreplaceable, and even the professionals for grout repair in Long Island cannot deal with it. The damage is usually in the form of permanent scratches.

To save the day, one must use soft cloths or brushes for a gentle cleaning of your tiles and grout. Other than that, nothing must be employed.

With these tips, you can easily maintain your tiles and grout and enhance their life and shine. So, snap into action today and save your favorite tiles from corroding due to dirt and damage!