3 Tips to Clean Rugs the Easy Way

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On May 22, 2017
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Need help with rug or carpet cleaning? Choose a professional Suffolk Carpet Cleaning Service for the best and quickest results.

If you’re the kind of person who loves to add texture to the rooms of your home, you must have invested a lot in rugs of various kinds. Rugs add a warm vibe to the interior of any room, indeed. With a wooly or cottony soft landing for the feet and bright colors, a rug can make the whole room vibrant!

However, being very prone to dust and a lot of foot traffic, a carpet gets easily dirty. They can be home to germs and bacteria as well and can also lose their bright vibrant texture. Thus, cleaning your floor or area rugs is a must! If you have a tight schedule and things are hectic, you can opt for Carpet Cleaning Suffolk services to do the cleaning task for you.

On the other hand, if you can take time out of your schedule on the weekend, why not spend it cleaning your rugs for a livelier and cleaner room. Don’t know where to start? Check out these 3 easy tips:

1) Start With Vacuuming
A vacuum cleaner saves the day! When it comes to accumulated dust, nothing works better. The larger area rugs and carpets must be vacuum cleaned on a regular basis.

This job will take out even the minutest particles of dirt from your rugs, leaving them clean and dirt-free. A Suffolk Carpet Cleaning Service can be contacted for professional help if you prefer.

2) Shake The Dirt Out
For small rugs like those used beside your bed, at doorsteps, or outside your shower, you can get rid of dirt by briskly shaking them. You can also hang them and beat them to dispose of all the dust.

While doing this, make sure you cover your mouth and nose so the dust doesn’t reach inside. If you’re allergic to dust, you can get help from a family member or opt to hire professionals from Carpet Cleaning Suffolk services.

After you get rid of excessive dust, you can wash small rugs to clean them thoroughly.

3) Washing

Not every rug is washable, so before you go for it, consult the care labels attached. As per the material and the type of rug (woven, braided, handmade, etc.), you can choose different cleaning methods like dry cleaning, spot cleaning, hand washing, or machine wash.

If you’re confused, call the experts at Carpet Cleaning Suffolk services and they’ll know what to do!

To wash rugs in a machine, put only small rugs in your washer and set the mode at delicate. Then dry them off by laying them flat on a table or on the ground outside. Make sure you don’t hang rugs on cloth-drying ropes as it can distort their shape.

If the care label says “dry clean only,” you must send the rug out for dry cleaning.

For the best rug cleaning results, choose a Suffolk Carpet Cleaning Service. The professionals are well-trained in cleaning methods to be used for rugs as per their type, size, and fabric.

Don’t let dirt set for too long or it will destroy your rugs and make them unhygienic. Snap into action today and get them cleaned!