QUIZ | How well do you remember Sachin Tendulkar’s 200 run innings

Let's find out if you can get a 10/10 on this quiz!

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Question 1

How many ODI matches did Sachin Tendulkar play in that 2010?

Question 2

Who was bowling the over in which Sachin Tendulkar scored his 200th Run?

Question 3

How many runs did Sachin Tendulkar score with fours and sixes?

Question 4

How many balls did Sachin Tendulkar take to complete his 1st 100 runs?

Question 5

How many times was Sachin Tendulkar given not out by the third umpire in the match?

Question 6

How many runs did AB de Villiers score in this match?

Question 7

Which Indian batsman was on the non-striker's end when Sachin Tendulkar scored his 200th run?

Question 8

Which over of India’s innings did Sachin Tendulkar score his 200th run?

Question 9

How many balls were bowled between Sachin's 199th and 200th run?

Question 10

How many runs did MS Dhoni score between Sachin Tendulkar's 199th and 200th run?

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