Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz

QUIZ: Match the Brooklyn Nine-Nine quote to the character

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On Sep 13, 2019
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"Sarge, with all due respect, I am gonna completely ignore everything you just said."

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"A place where everybody knows your name is hell. You’re describing hell."

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"If I die, turn my tweets into a book."

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"The sexy train is leaving the station. Check out this caboose. Later, sluts."

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"If we're away from our desks for too long, they'll update our computers and we'll lose Minesweeper."

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"It was like having sex with a transformer."

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"I'm playing Kwazy Cupcakes, I'm hydrated as hell, and I'm listening to Sheryl Crow. I've got my own party going on."

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"Now on a personal note, I have some thoughts on Beyonce's Lemonade I would like to share."

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"Well, I'm sorry, but I refuse to mask my natural musk with a bunch of chemicals."

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"I wasn't hurt that badly. The doctor said all my bleeding was internal. That's where the blood's supposed to be."

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"I once gave my aunt a jaywalking ticket and things really deteriorated between us."

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"I'm fine at parties. I just stand in the middle of the room and don't say anything."

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"Oh, I love Paris! At least how it's represented in the movie, Ratatouille." 

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"I was working out and I saw a muscle in my shoulder I'd never seen before. I thought it might have been a scientific discovery."

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"He was a great partner. Smart, loyal. Homophobic but not racist. In those days that was pretty good."

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