The Ages Of Comic Books Explained

People do mention The Golden Age, The Silver Age, The Bronze Age, and The Modern Age. It is a hard subject even for comic book nerds. Well, I'm up for the Challenge to explain 79 years of comics. Are you ready for me to change Comic Book History?

<Note: I'm using a different format than used in the past.

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The Golden Age

1938 to 1955. The most loved superheroes debuted in this time: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel (Shazam), and many more. There were many stories full of action and detectives. Anything was possible. Men could leap tall buildings in a single bound and make miniature versions of themselves appear from their hands. Timeless stories could be told that could sound almost comical. Men of lost homes, robotic men, and the most patriotic people fought to ensure Truth, Justice, and The American Way.

It was truly quite the New Frontier. Everything was simple: Nazis were the bad guys and the Caped Crusaders were the good guys. They had won their war against the evil Axis that supported crime. Everyone loved their heroes that gave them new hope through the very tough times of a Holocaust. They were an inspiration.

However, everything changed when people started to ask why they wore masks. Some believed they influenced the minds of children to become crazy lunatics. Those people wanted the society of super-people to reveal themselves. These heroes disbanded leaving only the World's Finest to continue their battles against evils. The world of comics fell into darkness for several years. People wanted an authority over their heroes.


The Silver Age

1956 to 1972. After one hero zoomed to the hearts of people, in a flash, many others followed. These heroes had the will power to stand up in the blackest nights and show the people the light and guide them through brighter days. Leagues were formed between heroes. It was quite a fantastic reaction that came afterwards. People were happy to see these heroes fight crime again. Heroes continued the legacies of other heroes that retired. People realized that there were gods among us that were bringing justice to those who are evil. Everything was a little more better since there was an authority to the heroes.

However, people started to leave, die, or commit horrible crimes. The heroes saw loved ones fall out of their reach.

Yet, bridges started to connect worlds in a flash. Many people were like how their could be multiple worlds that could go on for infinity and were connected by heroes that were all up for leaving their world to visit another version.

However, the war was ending and heroes came back from it in horrible ways that made them turn dark.


The Bronze Age

1973 to 1985. When many loved ones perished or people got emotionally distressed, heroes and villains became poor and depressed which had resulted in them being addicted to drugs and alcohol. With codes of authority being broken, the super-natural came to takeover. Heroes had darker villains and they had to work together to survive these darker times. Minority characters chose to fight for crime and become heroes whether it was for money, survival, or to bring justice.

However, a crisis where the skies turned red came that made worlds live or die that would make nothing be the same.


The Steel Age

1986 to 2015. A crisis came that killed many and sent worlds into oblivion. However, a new world was created using older ones. The potential was there when it started off well. It seemed so full of hope and inspiration.

But soon after, there was something wrong. The new world was anything but better. Some died and others lost their way. People watched for years hoping everyone would eventually find inspiration again. As things continued on, things got worse.

Heroes were put on trial because they became untrusted. The other super-humans took the mantle of other heroes whether it was because of a major disappearance, injury, or they had become evil. Some people who took the mantle went insane. The willful became fearful due to many attacks on their homes. After many secret wars, the heroes were then vulnerable to the venomous darkness that had affected all of their actions that many thought were once amazing.

Heroes turned dark when their allies didn't return. Some heroes couldn't stand their dead loved ones and tried to bring them back. It didn't work and only made things worse. Other crises came that seemed infinite or final were just secret wars that would be won but yet lost. The heroes or villains turned to their darksides when they thought they'd become new gods.

However, something returned everything in an instant: a flash. New worlds were made because they couldn't combine all of the worlds into one. It was as if the heroes were reborn.


The Diamond Age

2016 to 2040. The Heroes have finally come out from their little battle worlds and realized they aren't gods: they're humans. The superhero community is reborn to look all new all different with a better attitude. Families have reunited and war is coming because "supreme" people are watching over and laughing. Hope was taken. Now, it has returned in a new way. Loved ones have come back from the dead - in a good way.

However, new and old villains have returned and will try to divide the heroes into two sides. The heroes will fight back and so will the villains. The greatest heroes will face their greatest threats. Whatever crisis that happens, they will come back from it stronger and faster than ever.


Why is there no mention of The Modern Age?

We can't call anything "The Modern Age" because let's face it: "The Modern Age" you have now will not be called that in the near future. I chose to split "The Modern Age" at this point in time because DCU Rebirth and All New All Different Marvel have lighter tones which is different from what we had before.

Comics between The Crisis On Infinite Earths and DCU Rebirth seemed much darker. That's why I called it "The Steel Age" because I am from Pittsburgh (which had a large steel industry)and "The Dark Age" or "The Iron Age" didn't sound that catchy to me. So I called it "The Steel Age" because it was more darker.

If you look at how I described "The Steel Age," you will see similar quotes from Superman (Golden Age) in Infinite Crisis. There are many more Easter Eggs in all my descriptions.

With DC Rebirth and All New All Different Marvel, the tone of the comic book genre has been a little more brighter and easier for everyone to love. So, what does almost everyone love now: Diamonds! That's why I call it "The Diamond Age." I believe it ends around 2040 because it will be 2.4 decades after 2016 which I believe would be long enough for more good stories until some reboot affects both Marvel and DC.

You should sit down, relax, read your favorite comic book (whether its virtual or not), and think of the past, present, and future of comic books. Why? Because you just went through about 78 years of comic books and will go through more.

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